A downloadable game

Short prototype made during the first local "hackaton" prototype :)

A remake of 2048 (it was a popular game at that time) in VR and controlled with Leap Motion.

Made by:

Sebastian Oprea

Vlad Rochian

Robert (taigi100) Cazacu


- If you have a leap motion, you can use it to control it with your hand by moving it in the direction you want the cubes to move

- Otherwise you can use WASD

Install instructions

Download, extract and:

1. If you don't have an Oculus Rift, run the `2048.exe`

2. If you have an Oculus Rift, run `2048_DirectToRift.exe`


2048.7z 10 MB


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Nice, I haven't had anything to use my leap motion with in years. I'll try it out with my index.

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Hope it works! Let me know, we built it a long time ago using a friends leap & oculus so couldn't test it any more ever since! Would be awesome if it still works :D