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"A Fisherman's dream" is an adventure game based on Jonah's myth. The game shows the struggles of a fisherman to survive when put in a life or death situation.

Team Members: Nsomnia, Avolanty, taigi100, Hitpawz.

Audio courtesy of KnightsOfNeon at URL1 and his URL2 he does great music and FX work for a number of teams check him out!

Made for an Unreal Game Jam. Theme "Thrown in at the deep end".


E - Interact

Q - Fire Orb

RMB - Grapple Yourself (With Grapple Powerup enabled)

R - Grapple Item Towards You (With Grapple Powerup enabled)

F - Flashlight (With Flashlight Powerup enabled)

WASD - Move (+150% speed with Speed Powerup enabled)

Space - Jump

F9 - Video Settings (AR/Res/Full screen, borderless, windowed) + FOV in Game

Warning: Bug - At the main menu if you adjust video settings the mouse cursor disappears, can you enable it in console? F9 in game to bring up graphics/FOV menu that works.

Install instructions

Download, extract and run `OceanProject.exe`



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